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Based on past experiences with I Know a Guy, we knew we did not need any on-site IT personnel. I Know a Guy handles our IT needs at our manufacturing plant, distribution center, and corporate offices. They also handle our interface/ communications with our home office in Canada and with our internet service providers. We want our employees to focus on what we do best, and that is making high quality base layer clothing for the military and ski industry. I Know a Guy handles all of our IT needs so we can focus on just that. One call to Giuseppe’s team with an IT issue, and we know it will be taken care of. He has our back!


Manufacturing Industry, Southern Pines, NC

We have been with I Know a Guy for about 5 years, and we are very happy with Giuseppe’s service, knowledge, and expertise. Prior to hiring I Know a Guy, we had several consultants that appeared to be guessing at what a problem was and then took a very long time to solve it. Giuseppe is able to diagnose an issue quickly, therefore resolving the problem quickly. He does not have to spend as much time as these other consultants which makes his rate very reasonable.


Plumbing Industry, Wood Dale, IL

Even long distance this was a breeze for me to set up on my phone and now that I’m in the office, I see the absolute difference in email delivery speed! Thank you so much for such a smooth transition!!

Email Service Migration Project

Since we are a very small firm and we do not have an IT department or knowledgeable person, we were looking for a new company that was willing and able to answer, if necessary, daily questions and problems that come with today’s constantly changing technological advancements. When we found I Know A Guy, we also were faced with the sudden move of our entire office to another suite within the same building, needing to be done as soon as possible over a weekend. Giuseppe at I Know a Guy came through beautifully. He worked with our staff and made it possible to move our entire computer system and telephone system in that one weekend. It is so nice to work with a company that is willing to answer your questions, no matter how inconsequential or technologically advanced, with such courtesy, expediency and professionalism. So if you need a guy, I Know a Guy!!


Court Reporting Firm

Connecting with Giuseppe at I Know A Guy saved me tons of countless hours on an issue that I had already wasted 5 hours on, at least. As an IT and business owner myself, I have dealt with many IT people who can spend countless time and still not fix the problem. Knowing my strengths, I knew networking was not one of them and needed to call in the Calvary, because my desk was getting other things pilled on. When I found I Know A Guy, I was greeted by Giuseppe who was prompt and professional, and easy to talk to. He quickly remotely connected and was off analyzing the situation. Within a couple of hours, Giuseppe solved the problem. And as a business owner, it’s great when you can hand things off, not your strength and you can have the confidence of it being done, and done right. In addition to the quality, the cost for this solution, which saved me time and money, was very reasonable and left me without a doubt, ready to use I Know A Guy again in the future.


Technology Industry, Indianapolis, IN

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