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Connecting with Giuseppe at I Know A Guy saved me tons of countless hours on an issue that I had already wasted 5 hours on, at least. As an IT and business owner myself, I have dealt with many IT people who can spend countless time and still not fix the problem. Knowing my strengths, I knew networking was not one of them and needed to call in the Calvary, because my desk was getting other things pilled on. When I found I Know A Guy, I was greeted by Giuseppe who was prompt and professional, and easy to talk to. He quickly remotely connected and was off analyzing the situation. Within a couple of hours, Giuseppe solved the problem. And as a business owner, it’s great when you can hand things off, not your strength and you can have the confidence of it being done, and done right. In addition to the quality, the cost for this solution, which saved me time and money, was very reasonable and left me without a doubt, ready to use I Know A Guy again in the future.

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Beware of fraudulent UPS or FedEx tracking notifications

Beware of fraudulent UPS or FedEx tracking notifications

Below is another example of a fraudulent email trying to trick you into clicking on a link.  There are many red flags to point out in this example. Below is a screenshot of the message and a few tips on how to tell this is a phishing attempt. The From: address is a...

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Password tips

Password tips

Nowadays we have so many passwords it is hard to keep track of them all.  Certain sites accept simple passwords while others require what seems to be a Rubik's cube-like puzzle of numbers, letters, and special characters.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when...

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