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Below is another example of a fraudulent email trying to trick you into clicking on a link.  There are many red flags to point out in this example.

Below is a screenshot of the message and a few tips on how to tell this is a phishing attempt.

  1. The From: address is a long cryptic string of characters and does not directly display what domain name is coming from.
  2. The body of the email is asking you to click a link that takes you to an unknown web address that has nothing to do with FedEx.

    You can always see where a link will take you WITHOUT clicking it simply by hovering your mouse over the link.  Again, DO NOT CLICK the link, simply hover your mouse pointer over the link and it will show you where it will direct you.

  3. The particular receiver of this email is not expecting a package.
  4. The overall look and feel of the email does not seem very professional at all, there is no corporate branding or logos.

A special note regarding phishing emails with tracking packages; each and every carrier will provide a tracking number which can then be used to manually track the package quickly by navigating to the website directly.  For example, and both have ways to track a package on their websites main pages by entering a tracking number.